Three imperatives to keep humanity at the center of a new digital age

A fair and inclusive digital age has three imperatives. It recognises humanity’s many situations. It is driven by trust. And it creates an inclusive future for all. Keeping these three main duties in mind allows us to take stock of where we are, where we are going and how to exercise positive influence to sustain our progress.

It recognizes humanity’s many situation

Human beings experience a multitude of situations. To keep humanity at the centre of a fair digital age, this age must take into account varied and dynamic human experiences across time, culture and geography.

It is driven by trust

Just as the fundamentals of a financial and market economy require trust as a basis for growth, the new digital world will be fundamentally driven by trust: between people, businesses, governments..

It creates an inclusive future for all

A human-centred and trust-driven digital age must be sustainable and inclusive. It considers not only the benefits that it creates today, but also ensures that the same advances are available to future generations.

Over the course of the two-day event, sessions will be broadly organised around these imperatives. Our overarching goal is not to try to remake the world, but rather to understand where we are and what changes are taking place, and ask participants to make commitments now, in order to have a positive impact. We don’t want to save the world, we want to help it to understand, debate, decide and adapt.

We will explore how new technologies impact an individual’s path through life : his work, his health, and where he lives

The Future of Jobs

Humans as new workers, a new relationship to economic growth

This thematic set of sessions explores an economic situation – the relationship of human beings to the economy. This can be through work (or lack of work), and how this relationship might fundamentally shift in an automated future.

Health & Food

Providing access to health in a new digital age, and how to rethink the global food system.

Beyond economic relationships, another fundamental circumstance that humans find themselves in is one of sickness and health – and all the challenges and wellness priorities in between.

We know that we can’t eliminate hunger overnight, but looking carefully at how technology has transformed the way that we feed ourselves can help us understand how to make the global food system more sustainable and more accessible.

Cities & Territories

New centers of gravity

Humans are social creatures, and so cities and territories are a fundamental unit of inquiry when it comes to understanding the promise and challenges of a new digital age. They are laboratories of new forms of cooperation, sharing and inclusion, as well as examples of how an urban focus can exclusive rural or suburban populations.

We will also focus on specific topics to highlight best practices and concrete solutions







Our session formats

These four areas form the basis of our sessions. Each session is designed to break out of conventional thinking. They are built around keynotes, which inspire the audience and lay the groundwork for the debates that follow. These battles of ideas pit opposing or differentiated ideas against each other, not to choose winners and losers, but rather to draw out new ideas from healthy disagreement and constructive tensions.