Why Allianz is supporting Day One

The world is shaped by people who explore. People who believe there is discovery at the edge. People who step out of their comfort zone to reach new ground. The innate desire for exploration inevitably brings risks and unknowns. It is what moved the sea explorers of the 14th century to invent insurance in the first place – the recognition that sharing risk would allow everyone to go further than they could on their own, knowing that a ship in a harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.

Since its foundation in 1890 Allianz has been with those explorers, creators and innovators as part of the company’s DNA. Our ambition is to accompany people in life and give them the courage to take the next step. The journey ranges from small steps to grand adventures. From buying a new house to starting a family. From startups to global disruptors. From sailing the ocean to exploring space travel.

Today, we are again on an exciting journey and at a key milestone for Allianz, exploring how new disruptive technologies and innovations will change the future of life, work, society, and the insurance business. We partner up with experts, start-ups, industry leaders and communities to understand and shape the challenges and opportunities of the future.

In fact new technologies such as artificial intelligence, drones, autonomous driving and new health prevention solutions have the capability to make a significant impact on how people will live together in the future. However, we at Allianz strongly believe that humanity always needs to remain the focus of any technological innovation, creating an added value for the people and the society.

That’s the reason why we are so proud and thrilled to support and accompany the Day One initiative as the only presenting partner on their mission to re-assure the world and create a movement that ensures a positive impact of technology and innovation on society. We are looking forward exploring and discussing such a key topic with leaders and great thinkers from different industries, backgrounds and cultures to come up with answers and actions.

At the same time we are calling on curious minds from all over the world to join the movement and #explorewithus.