Program in a nutshell (pre-program)

Innovative City (Nice, October 15, Villa Massena)

October 15

Futur of work

  • Training : is it enough?
  • Education : Are we able to adapt the system?
  • Start-up taking up the challenge



  • Telemedecine : An emergency challenge
  • The end of aging? Science and immortality
  • Health data : Will Europe be up the challenge ?
  • Health path for cities. When corporate lead the way
  • Start-up and the new world of health


Smart cities and communities

  • The balance between security and freedom
  • How do we “build” conscious citizens ? Is there such a thing like smart consumers ?
  • Mobility for everyone. Bridging the gap between urban, peri urban and rural communities
  • Trans industry cooperation. EDF. SNCF. Renault and co


Impact investing

  • Public spending and innovation. Can we find a way ?
  • How do we change the public tenders impact criteria?
  • UGAP. A role model. Business practice. SMB testimonials


Internet of everything

  • How do we leave in peace with digital platforms ?
  • How do we recreate a social mix and balance ?
  • Co-liing and co-working. Inventing a mix for the future
  • Energy, 5G, how do we fuel positive impact for everyone ?


Day One Event (Monaco, October 16&17)

Inclusive Technologies. For real ? For everyone ?

October 16

Future of Work

  • Is there such a thing like responsible AI ?
  • Is there such a thing like responsible automation ?
  • Productivity, security and jobs
  • Flexibilty ? In exchange for what ?



  • Health for everyone? Really? Do we need to live longer ?
  • Hot trends on health and scientific reality. Where are we with major breakthrough
  • The food challenge. The direct line between producers and consumers
  • The water challenge : The Chinese challenge with plastic. The Indian challenge: Depoluting the Ganje River
  • When corporations and Foundation lead the game
  • Wellness at the office ?
  • Tech for health in Africa. When ? How ?


Smart cities and communities

  • How do we promote diversity through real estate, co-living, co-working ?
  • Mobility : The unavoidable cooperation
  • Impact of digital on jobs in emerging countries (Africa)
  • Top priorities for smart communities


Focus sessions

  • Will China and the US rule the world ?
  • The European rebound. Possible? Data, health, payments, search, AI..
  • Africa, the new fronteer ?


+ Breathing space surprise sessions, Workshops and Meet the Speakers sessions

Day One “Off Record”, truth only! with Huawei, Ipsos, Tesla…

Worldwide Announcement 1 : The future of independent workers with Deliveroo, Sage, BNP and Edenred


Worldwide Announcement 2 : on Mobility with Renault Nissan, SNCF, EDF, Mobivia, Globe…


October 16 – evening

Day One Brave Party and VIP gala dinner.


October 17

Future of Work

  • Will there be such a thing as work in the 10 coming years ?
  • Training : What else ?
  • SMBs the future of work ?
  • Flexibilty ? In exchange for what ?
  • Positive impact on jobs. How ? Who ? For real ?



  • Food challenge. Fight them or work with them ?
  • We are what we eat, what we will eat
  • Tech and health in Africa
  • Tech and environment. In the same direction ?
  • e-health in 4 workshops
  • Immortal ?
  • China, USA, Europe and clean environment


Smart cities and communities

  • New technologies for emerging communities
  • Africa, faster in re-building communities ?
  • Mega cities and peri urban cities. Rural cities, reborn ?
  • Internet. Back to the future ?
  • Tech and women. Tech and diversity.
  • Corporate responsibility and purpose companies
  • Real estate of the 21th century. Design diversity.
  • What is a digital city ?
  • Give me water, energy and internet to design the world


Worldwide Announcement 3 : Food revolution with Danone, Fleury Michon, Leclerc, Technion, Inria

+ Breathing space surprise sessions. Workshops on e-Health, Blockchain. Meet the speakers.
Day One “Off Record”, truth only!

Worldwide Announcement 4 : Exclusive partnership for 2020 that could transform Day One Event into the most visible event in the world


October 17 – afternoon at the Jimmy’s

  • Blockchain start-up contest
  • International best off start-up sessions