Program in a nutshell

Innovative City (Nice, October 15)

Mobility for everyone. How tech could provide health for everyone? Data access, a bliss or a threat? Is there a balance between security and freedom? How technology could positively impact social diversity, education and opportunities? Smart cities require smart consumers. How can we raise awareness and conscious citizens?


Day One Event (Monaco, October 16&17)

Inclusive Technologies. For real ? For everyone ?

October 16 – morning

  • Is there such a thing as Responsible AI ?
  • How do we bridge rural and periurban territories to megacities ?
  • Digitalized communities. For everyone? Everywhere? The tech gap.
  • Top priorities for building inclusive smart Communities (Mobility, Energy, Habitat, e-Gvt.
  • Young leaders feeling about data, security, freedom, digitalized economy, gig economy.

+ Breathing space surprise sessions, Workshops and Meet the Speakers sessions

Worldwide Announcement 1 : The future of independent workers with Deliveroo, Sage, BNP and Edenred


October 16 – afternoon

  • Real impact of automation on jobs in the 5 coming years.
  • Regional impact. USA. Europe. China.
  • Impact of digital on jobs in Africa.
  • Tech, flexible jobs, and employability challenges.
  • Health for everyone?
  • Hot trends on health. Opening of Health session.
  • The food challenge. From producer to consumer.
  • The water challenge. The Indian example.
  • New discoveries on water power.

+ Breathing space surprise sessions. Workshops on Health, Blockchain, Jobs.
Meet the speakers.
Day One “Off Record”, truth only! with Huawei, Ipsos, Tesla…

Worldwide Announcement 2 : on Mobility with Renault Nissan, SNCF, EDF, Mobivia, Globe…


October 16 – evening

Day One Brave Party and VIP gala dinner.


October 17 – morning

  • Artists, athletes and great causes. Keynotes by major artists and athletes from around the world.
  • Tech and environment the great challenge.
  • Food challenge. Fight them or collaborate with them ?
  • We are what we eat session
  • Tech and health in Africa

Worldwide Announcement 3 : Food revolution with Danone, Fleury Michon, Leclerc, Technion, Inria

  • SMBs and the digital revolution. Too small? Too late ?
  • European companies and the new order from China and USA
  • Africa the new frontier.

+ Breathing space surprise sessions.
Workshops on e-Health, Blockchain.
Meet the speakers.
Day One “Off Record”, truth only!

Worldwide Announcement 4 : Exclusive partnership for 2020 that could transform Day One Event into the most visible event in the world



October 17 – afternoon at the Jimmy’s

  • Blockchain start-up contest
  • International best off start-up sessions